Key points to consider when planning a radio campaign

Who do I want to talk to and when?

Determining the target audience will set the style; content and tone of the creative message, as well as determining station to use. Radio audiences are measured by a system called RAJAR which provides information on audience delivery against a huge number of target audiences and thus helps advertisers identify viable target audiences and shows them where the best places are to find within the stations schedule.

Are there specific times when I should be speaking to my consumer?

Research demonstrates that when people are involved in related activity or in a relevant mind-set, recall of advertising increases. Advice would be, not to think just in terms of numbers but also in terms of modes and mind-sets. The optimum schedule should take both of these into account.

What length should each spot be?

The most common commercial lengths are 30 and 40 seconds however longer and shorter are available in 10 second increments. The longer the time length the more expensive the spot airtime will cost. Ultimately the time length boils down to the creative i.e. how long does the ad need to ne to get the message across and make as big an impact as possible?

How long does my radio campaign need to be?

This depends on the objectives of the campaign whether it is promoting a single event or developing/supporting a brand. Radio can establish campaign coverage quickly however campaigns do need time to establish themselves.

What weight of frequency should I go for?

As a rough guide, the standard frequency weighting is between 3 and 4 Average opportunity to hear. This allows for the fact that a lighter listener will potentially hear the ad a couple of times per week whilst a heavy radio listener is likely to hear the same ad 6 or 7 times Creative also plays an important part in this, some ads may only need to be heard a couple of times for the message to register. Others build quickly however they can wear out quickly whilst some ads can be heard time and time again without any risk of wear out.

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