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The only limit is your imagination. As Sir Terry Wogan (yes him) once said, “I much prefer working in radio to television. Why? Because the costumes and sets are so much better.”
Just think, the next radio ad everyone’s talking about, could be yours.

Before we can put your advert on the air, we need to make it! How your advert sounds is THE most important part of the process and one we take very seriously.

Our multi-award-winning production team offer a full professional service from initial consultation to your finished advert.

And the cost?

Below is a pricing guide, based on a range of production options, from singe voice options to multiple voice commercials.

Price includes consultation, script writing, studio hire, legal clearance (we ensure ALL our adverts are legally compliant) and production with a voice selected by the station.


PRODUCTION Downtown Radio Cool FM Downtown Country All Bauer NI
1 voice advert £160 £175 £145 £215
2 voice advert £240 £270 £210 £315
3 voice advert £300 £315 £270 £390


Sometimes, an advertiser or an agency may wish to attend the studio session and take an active role in the produciton of an advert. In such instances, further costs are likely, due to extended studio hire and a longer commitment from the voiceover artist. If you require this service, please ask us for a quote.

Other services we offer include recording audio for video or online projects, bespoke jingles and studio hire.

T&C’s apply.

Have a listen to some of our work…

Belfast Giants

Traditionally adverts for The Belfast Giants ice hockey matches had been fairly straightforward. How much creativity can you really put into a message about an ice hockey match? Our award-winning approach shows exactly what happens when you ask the team themselves to come into the studio and “learn” a few Norn Irish phrases. Makes us laugh every time!


Belfast Castle

We hate to use clichés but Belfast Castle is genuinely “steeped in history” and, as such, required an approach that reflected its enduring legacy. We created a lyrically beautiful poem to describe Belfast Castle’s virtues as a Wedding venue. Add a stunning delivery from our voiceover and all beautifully complimented with striking music. Close your eyes as you listen to the reveal at the end. A masterful soft sell approach.


Favour Dog Food

Ballymena based Favour Dog Food asked for Downtown Radio’s help to advertise 2 key messages – not only is their dry dog food product available right across Northern Ireland, but also that it had recently been re-packaged in a new foil bag for extra freshness. We were given a free reign and the client was receptive to comedy ideas which made this a fun project from start to finish. Have a listen to this very distinctive advert here.


Campbell College

The School motto “Ne Obliviscaris” was a central theme in this evocative advert. Translated as “Do Not Forget” we directly asked the pupils of Campbell College themselves what they would never forget about their own experience of the school. Written with help from the pupils themselves, this charming advert almost makes you want to go back to school and do it all over again.


Mash Direct

This well-known brand approached us with a fairly simple brief. Get our name out there and let people know what a huge range of products we have. With the advert being aired close to Valentine’s Day, we had the perfect opportunity to create a mushy, “mashy”, soppy Valentine’s themed message. Listen to the award winning advert here.


Bangor Fuels

A short simple branding message that’s a great example of effective use of top notch production skills and a little bit of help from the voice of God himself.


Streamvale Open Farm

“In 22 years of business, why did no-one think of this before?” That’s the very question the client asked us about what now seems like an idea staring you in the face. Fun and feel-good from start to finish and memorable too. Can you guess what tune we used to expertly market a farm in Dundonald? Click below for the answer.


We Are Vertigo

The client was friendly with 80s retail superstar Jim Megaw from the Crazy Prices adverts and wanted to know how we could use the retro appeal of this NI household name to advertise ski-wear, ski holidays and more. Produced deliberately to sound like they’re from the 80s, these adverts stood out like a pair of flares and were an instant hit with local press, websites and social media. The effect was huge talkability which was an added benefit to the campaign, and incidentally, correctly predicted by the creative team at Downtown Radio. It also helped that Jim Megaw was a gentleman and more than happy to send himself up for the benefit of the adverts.


Wilsons Auctions – Movie Memorabilia

Wilsons Auctions knew they had something very special with a special auction of some movies most memorable props, artefacts and vehicles from Back to the Future to Gremlins to Batman and even Del and Rodney’s 3 wheeler van. A special occasion requires a special commercial so, of course, “Arnie” made a big impression. Very noticeable advert that supported countless tv promo pieces and newspaper articles promoting this one-off event.



How exciting is a business that sells stone products directly from the quarry itself, cutting out the middle man? Don’t answer. We took a product that isn’t intrinsically exciting and gave it a glamorous rock ’n’ roll treatment from Sir Mick.




See what our award winning creative team can do for your brand today. It might just be a whole world away from what you’re thinking.

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